Unity and diversity by Pastor Ed Young

Now in verse 26, the rhythm of this creation account breaks. If you could read it in the original Hebrew, the writer wanted it to break to show the uniqueness of what it means to be a man or a woman.

Verse 26, “Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according [...]

Between you and God by Pastor Ed Young

You’re like, “Ed, you’re right. I mean, the words of Jesus are so true.” Others are like, “Wow, that kind of makes me uncomfortable. I want to start locking the doors. I don’t dig that.” Yet, scripture tells us that this unloading thing is going to be totally off the chain.

Look what Malachi [...]

Cultivate The Relationship With The Third Party by Pastor Ed Young

Just say that over and over and over, because what that will help you to do is it will help you to put your marriage on cruise control. It will help you to just be very apathetic and very predictable as a spouse. And then you crank out a couple of kids. And you’re [...]

God says he loves you and loves me by Pastor Ed Young

And like two hours later, it seemed like, she looked back and she said, “I love you, too.”

Well now, we didn’t just say it, we demonstrated it. So we’ve said it a squillion times; we also demonstrate it. We boldly back it up every day of our marriage.

God says he loves you [...]

Vulnerability by Pastor Ed Young

However, there is one person that can take affirmation and admiration in my life to an HNL: a ‘hole ‘notha level. Lisa. When Lisa affirms me and admires me; when she says, “Honey, I loved today’s message.” Wow, that just does it for me! The power of affirmation and admiration.

Scripture is so cool [...]

Keep your Lamps Alight by Pastor Ed Young

There is something that I have learned about getting dressed. You have got to have adequate light to get dressed, don’t you? Have you ever made the mistake of getting dressed in the dark? I have. You know I like to wear the color black. And I have things that are blue and black. [...]

The Jewish Household by Pastor Ed Young

Remember I said that sometimes wedding parties would last for about one week? Well here is what would take place in the Jewish household. The groom would make his way to the bride’s house and they would get married. Sometimes the ceremony would last a pretty long time. After the ceremony, perhaps after midnight, [...]

The Favor of God by Pastor Ed Young

Maybe, just maybe, you can see yourself on one of those canvases. Or maybe you see some emotion. Or maybe you’re looking into the eyes right now of someone who has hurt you deeply. Maybe you think about an ex spouse, or maybe you’re thinking about a parent or a grandparent, an uncle, an [...]

The God of the Bible by Pastor Ed Young

A gentleman walked in who was employed at this place and he looked at me and the Bible and asked what I was doing. I replied that I was studying for a talk that I was going to give about what God and the Bible says about the end times. He replied that he [...]

To have Vision in your Life by Pastor Ed Young


Look at what we try to do here. We try to communicate our vision, to give the vision before the people and get your vision before your spouse, before your family, before your co-workers. You see, in the midst of your problems, communicate that vision. It’s vital. It’s important. You know what [...]