Ed Young Jr., pastor of Fellowship Church, comes from a family of influential leaders. The oldest son of Dr. Ed Young of 2nd Baptist in Houston, Texas, Ed is part of a generation of difference makers determined to leave their mark on the world. As the founding and senior pastor of Fellowship Church, Ed now has the opportunity to mentor thousands of young church leaders and pastors. He wants to help them understand, embrace and utilize the unique challenges that ministry presents. In his own life, when he first felt called to the ministry, Ed was told by his father that if he could do anything else and be happy, he should do that. Dr. Young was simply enforcing the fact that ministry should be pursued for one reason only—because God himself has called. Today, more than 20 years later, Ed Young Jr. continues that calling and now leads one of the most influential churches in North America. And through his many leadership venues, he is determined to help other young leaders make the most of their calling as well.

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