Love your neighbor as yourself by Pastor Ed Young

Name the skin color of the race that has no rhythm and no vertical jump.  Well, hey, before you clap, I blow that one totally out of the water because I can dunk the ball right now and I can play the drums.  So do you say that all whites can’t jump and have no rhythm?  You see how we label and typecast?

The fault lines of racism can be traced back to the family of origin and back to the currents of our culture.  But the fault lines can be traced elsewhere also.  And it is something that all of us have in common, sin.  At the end of the day, racism is caused by the sinister downward, southward pull in your life and mine called sin.  Six pounds of skin.  Take the k out and you have got six pounds of sin.  There is no conventional way to get the dirt of racism off of you.  Once it gets on you there is no natural way to get it off.  But there is a way.  It is a supernatural way.  It is a God thing.  And Jesus talked about it.  Listen to this verse.  Luke 10:27.  “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  You see, to Christ, skin color was just a pigment of His imagination.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  And later on He was asked what He meant by neighbor.  Do you know how he answered that one?  With a story.  He was always telling stories and illustrations and parables.  Here is what He said.

“One day a Jewish man was beaten up and left on the shoulder of the road, dying.  A Jewish temple priest walked by.  He saw the situation, looked at his sundial watch and said he didn’t have time.  Then a Jewish temple assistant walked by and saw the whole deal too.

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